“100 Best Performing CEOs & Companies of Pakistan” Edition 2018

The book “100 Best Performing CEOs & Companies of Pakistan” is an epitome of prodigious well knitted interviews of experienced and successful 100 leaders that will stir the minds of the readers, enhance their knowledge and open locked doors of their creative personalities to allow them to breath in a world of success stories.
These 100 CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs of Pakistan created almost one million jobs and earned a very respectable name in their companies. Average annual growth of these companies is above 30%. Hence, not even a single company is in loss and is earning huge revenues in terms of profitability and performance. Out of these 100 companies, more than a dozen companies have their presence in the international markets, thus earning a respectable name globally for their companies. These 100 successful business leaders are role models for the rest of the country especially for the future generations of entrepreneurs and aspiring young CEOs.
Another key objective of this book is to project the role of the visionary business leaders in economic growth, creation of opportunities for future CEOs and entrepreneurs — a recipe for economic prosperity — developing responsible and ethical leaders in any organization and, last but not the least, understanding how to face and overcome business challenges in turbulent times. This book is more than just simply a chronology of success stories, exclusive interviews of CEOs and business leaders or a mere compilation of their achievements. It imparts a deep insight into what drives these visionary business leaders and their core behavioral competencies to achieve such humongous heights.