Facility: 1 Per day: Rs.40,000/-
A multipurpose modern Auditorium that can accommodate more than 100 people for corporate events, book launch annual conferences, seminars, summits, think tank sessions, TV talks & exclusive high profile’s gatherings.

Brainstorming Room

Brainstorming Room
Room size: (24’ X 13’)
Brainstorming Room: 3 Per day: Rs.15,000/-
Seating Arrangement & Capacity: 8 to 10 people – Complimentary: Flip chart with markers, Pencil/pen & writing pads.

Board Room

Room size: (16’ X 18’)
Number of Board Room: 1 Per day: Rs.25,000/-
Seating Arrangement & Capacity: 10 to 12 people – I Shaped Complimentary: Flip chart with markers, LCD TV Compatible speakers, Pencil/pen & writing pads, Mineral Water.


Cafeteria size: (30’ X 20’)
Capacity: 70 Persons
The role of food can not be minimized. Management House has a high interior corporate facilitation area ensures reliable access to the finest food, tea, coffee and drinks all the time for visitors, participants and clients.

Executive CEO Suite

CEO Suite size: (25’ x 13’)
CEO Suite: 1 CEO Suite will allow top corporate CEOs to visit and share their success stories in a classy environment having modern facilities of their photo-shoot, inspiring interview and corporate profiles.

Residentials Room

10 Residential Room Twin sharing size: (22’ X 15’) Per day: Rs.12,000/-
Capacity: 20-30 Persons Pakistan is known for its hospitality and while the finest most generous congeniality is usually reserved for guests we think the legendary warmth and doting service should be spread further.

Library & Prayer Room

Library Size: 18’ x 25’ Capacity: 25-35 Person
Our Library provides various training tools such as: books, periodicals, reference, video tapes, compact discs and electronic databases coupled with prayer facility.
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