Ijaz Nisar

Founder & CEO Management House

Undoubtedly, the Greatest Un-tapped Natural Resource in any-size Organization is its People. Our years-long Experience and Observations Lead us to believe that the average person is working at less than 50% of his capacity. And our Confidential Discussions with Numerous Executives reveal that only 25% are really performing and producing at their full capacity.
Developing and Motivating People to Make their Full Contribution to the Organization is the only and the Fastest way that an Organization can Get Sustainable Competitive Edge. Research proves that majority of the Work Force just awaits someone to come along and set them on fire. Consequently, all executives and subordinates need to develop the very best out of themselves by knowing all ‘tools of the trade.‘ And this is what we aim at …… to add tangible value to your organizational objectives through our tailor-made executive training programs.

If people criticize you, hurt you, or shout at you, don’t be bothered. Just remember,in every game audience makes the noise,not the players! We develop grass rooters not parcheturs

Navigating today’s complex business world requires confidence, vision, and strategies that drive tangible business results. To meet the universal demand for extraordinary leaders, MH offer a global curriculum based on the real-world challenges facing executives. At Manage¬ment House, we’ll challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of doing business, and introduce you to unexpected ways of thinking. Here, you will do more than prepare for the next step in your career. You will return to your organization ready to lead change, overcome competitive challenges, address strategy gaps, and make the most of every opportunity for growth.

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